Music for Meditation

Music for Meditation

Lots of us have to deal with huge amounts of stress every day, stress impacts our health both physically and mentally.  We end up with headaches, fatigue and a bunch of other health problems that we have to deal with causing more stress.  Stress can turn into a vicious cycle.  Bear in mind that adults aren’t the only ones that suffer from stress and its related illnesses.  Today even kids are dealing with stress and while there are plenty of medications and therapists to help you deal with stress there are alternatives too.

Meditation and mindfulness are also ways of coping with stress.  Trying to calm your mind and meditate can be difficult but one of the ways to help you get into that meditative state is music, particularly music designed for meditation.  It is worth a try for anyone trying to cope with stress.  Here are some samples of music for meditation.

Music for Meditation

The right type of music can help change the waves within the human brain, experts have studied the phenomenon in depth, this idea is known as brainwave neuro-technology.  Audio programs that contain the right noises and tones are picked up by the subconscious mind and this type of music can change the waves in your brain.  This music can help you calm down, relieve stress and reach a meditative state far easier.  You can think of it kind of like this, it’s like tuning your brain to reach the right frequency.  Not only can meditative music help with relieving stress they can also boost your creativity.  Stress and insomnia seem to go hand in hand and this music can also help regulating your sleep patterns making it far more restful for you.

Choosing the Right Music

Unlike medication of talk therapy as a solution for stress, meditation requires you to be able to concentrate fairly intensely.  You can add the right music as part of your daily meditation routine.  You can listen to this type of music outside of meditation too, you can listen to it while running errands and stay in a calm state while still doing your everyday routines.  You can find the right music for meditation online, platforms like YouTube and Spotify have channels dedicated to soothing meditative music and has gear for musical performers.

Consistency will help too in combatting the effects of stress on your everyday life.  Give meditation a try, after all you have nothing to lose but a bit of time and a whole lot of stress.

What Makes Acoustic Guitar Music Special

What Makes Acoustic Guitar Music Special

Acoustic guitar music is instrumental sound, made from an acoustic guitar, by transmitting the strings vibrations to the air to give a beauty of harmony (music). It is important to note that only an acoustic guitar can be used to produce this kind of music because it does not depend on electronic amplification. The acoustic guitar depends on the use of the sound board and the sound box to strengthen the vibrations of the strings hence determining the volume. The source of the sound however is in the strings.

History of the Acoustic Guitar

Most people recognize that the first acoustic guitar was made by Antonio de Torres Jurado but I bet he did not know that so many years down the line, acoustic guitar music would be used for not only relaxation purposes but also in medicine as a form of therapy.

Guitars and Medicine

Professionals in the medical field have claimed that music, especially calm and relaxing music as acoustic guitar music, is part of the connection back to life by reviving memories and eventually even bringing people back to life after illnesses. Man cannot survive on his own, he has to communicate and connect with others and acoustic guitar music achieves just this. “Medicine cannot heal in a vacuum; It requires connection.” said Doctor Rana Awdish.

Therapeutically, medical professions from different fields have done, and still continue doing, research and so far have proven that acoustic guitar music is being used in:

  • autism and other relate development disorders
  • music-based therapies for patients suffering from dementia, bipolar disorder, memory loss, insomnia and related sleep disorders and depression
  • brain development in infants
  • extra curricular activities in or after schools like music lessons which has shown to improve academic performance in students.

These examples and so much more have been proven to help with patients who had psychological issues. This indeed does make acoustic guitar special.  Here is how it is used in real life.

Acoustic guitar music also helps deal with our moods by helping us get in touch with our emotions when we are grieving or are sad and also helping people be able to open up about issues they would not talk about under normal circumstances; a technique that psychologist have also started using in sessions with their patients.

Playing the acoustic guitar has also been shown to make one feel good-orgasmically as dopamine in the brain is released which is the same hormone that is produced during sex. Acoustic guitar music also releases stress by reversing the mind and body’s response to stress and pressure that may result from over thinking or too much work from the office for example.